All-Inclusive Car Inspection Services in Cumberland, MD, and the Surrounding Areas

A car inspection ensures your safety and prevents any potential breakdown you may have on the road. At Day’s Used Auto Parts, we offer car inspection services in Cumberland, MD, to ensure your vehicle is safe and in good working order. In addition, we provide state inspections. We’ll carefully inspect your vehicle to make sure it meets the state’s safety and emissions standards. For instance, we’ll inspect all your components, including:

  • Safety glass
  • Sheet metal, bumpers, fenders, and frame
  • Horn, rearview mirror, windshield wipers, and plate mounting
  • +More

Ensure Your Vehicle’s Condition for a Safe Ride

Auto Inspection & Car Check-Ups

Our expert mechanics work with the highest standards of the industry. That’s why you can have the peace of mind that their inspection will be thorough and detail-oriented. We do auto inspections and car checkups to ensure your vehicle is in peak condition and safe for you to drive. Our main goal is your satisfaction, so you can be confident that our car inspection will be done efficiently and on time.

We Offer Safety Inspections Every Year

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West Virginia requires a routine safety inspection every 12 months. So if your car needs to be inspected, put your trust in our mechanics to do the work. Stop by our local shop in Cumberland, MD, to get your state-certified inspection.

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